What the Experts Say

What The Experts Say

"PHD’s Recovery Management Suite is the ONLY solution that provides such granularity and automation of testing, recovery points, as well as business-centric tracking and reporting of disaster recovery performance."

- Ken Clipperton, Senior Analyst, DCIG



PHD Virtual Backup for VMware

These are the experts who’ve spent years in the virtual world and who know a good value when they see it.  They are constantly testing new virtual products, and are happy to share their experience with PHD Virtual Backup and Recovery.   They appreciate the advantages of our Virtual Backup Appliance architecture and explain the difference it makes in making your job a whole lot easier.  

Check out these latest PHD Virtual Backup product reviews from leading VMware vExperts!

  • "Using a VM-based virtual backup appliance PHD Virtual saves on hardware and licensing costs up front and as the environment scales. Plus, it reduces operational costs by simplifying the infrastructure and providing several restore options."

    - Eric Slack, Senior Analyst, Storage Switzerland Briefing Note
  • "IDC believes PHD Virtual's virtual backup appliance (VBA) deployment model provides customers more flexibility than other solutions that require agents, additional options, or licenses. PHD Virtual provides key differentiators from incumbent solutions such as true multi-hypervisor support and requires no physical servers or OS licenses."

    - Robert Amatruda & Ashish Nadkarni, IDC Vendor Profile 2012
  • "By leveraging the existing virtual infrastructure and taking advantage of its server and storage hardware as well as its virtual management interfaces, PHD Virtual keeps backup costs low even as it increases the level of data protection for VM environments. These techniques illustrate why PHD Virtual has separated itself from competitors in this space."

    - DCIG Lead Analyst Jerome M. Wendt
  • “PHD Virtual provides mature, easy to install, and easy use backup and replication software. By adding all these new features, and making the life of a system administrator this much easier, PHD Virtual Backup and Replication is software you should strongly consider when buying a backup/replication solution for your virtual environment.”

    - Arjan Timmerman
  • “PHD Virtual Backup has great new features. It’s easy to install and configure and it integrates in vCenter.” – “When searching for backup and recovery solution, PHD Virtual Backup is certainly one you should buy!”

    - Ivo Beerens
  • "PHD Virtual Backup v6.0 has matured and is improved with a nice new set of features. The best part is the fact that it’s an appliance. No single Windows or MSSQL license required."

    - Marco Broeken
  • “PHD Virtual Backup provides many features that are useful and offer real value for VMware admins. Replication and Instant Recovery are features are a necessity for short RTO."

    - Vladan Seget
  • “PHD Virtual Backup allows you to easily deploy multiple Virtual Backup Appliances and thus creating an unprecedented scalability, without the cost and complexity that other solutions entail.”

    - Roy Mikes