What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

“PHD Virtual Backup is incredibly easy to use, and backup speeds are excellent. You have the peace of mind that it’s in the background, doing its job, and it will be there if you need it. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a virtual backup solution.”

- Hugo Van Gorkum, Consumer Portfolio Services

  • Customer: Large Financial Consulting Group
    Challenge: Ensure Uptime According to SLAs in the Face of Large Data Growth
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Data easily replicated from one site to another via built-in software replication 
    • Automated failover verifies at the application and system/service level, not just the data level 
    • Failback only changed data; no need to reseed the environment 
    • Ability to fully test DR plan to verify SLAs can and will be met in an outage situation 
  • Customer: The Hill School
    Challenge: Transition from Manual Snapshotting to a Robust, Multi-Hypervisor Backup Solution
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Multi-Hypervisor Support 
    • High Deduplication Ratios 
    • No Additional Hardware Required 
    • Rollback Recovery Enables Recovery in Minutes 
  • Customer: Pacific Mechanical Supply
    Challenge: Decrease Downtime; Legacy Backup Product Took Upwards of 24 Hours to Complete Restore
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • $15,000/year cost savings by replacing old backup product with PHD Virtual Backup 
    • Restore full VMs in a fraction of the time it used to take 
    • Restore individual files in minutes 
    • Complete install of product within 40 minutes (configuration & all backup jobs created)
    • Backup of 15.2 TB of data using 1.2 TB of actual space showing an average deduplication ration of 25:1
  • Customer: Johnson County (Municipal), TX
    Challenge: Streamline Backup Operations to Support Virtualization and a Tape Free Environment
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Ease of use (set-it-and-forget-it)
    • Ease of implementation (whole solution set up in one hour)
    • Unprecedented deduplication ratios of 25:1
    • Ability to eliminate tape via PHD cloud storage integration 
    • Restore files in under a minute 
  • Customer: University of South Florida
    Challenge: Quickly Restore VMs Without the Hassle of Post Configuration
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Utilizing PHD Virtual Backup for local backup, and replication to a secondary site 
    • Rollback Recovery method streamlined the application update process, saving time and money 
    • All at a price an educational institution can afford
  • Customer: vHost UK
    Challenge: Backup All Systems Nightly for Hundreds of Customers
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Great Value  
    • High Deduplication Ratios 
    • Shrunken Backup Windows 
    • Secure local and offsite backup options 
    • Ability to Support Managed Service Provider (MSP) Business Model
  • Customer: Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry
    Challenge: Find a Backup and Recovery Solution That was Fast, Simple and Reliable for Virtual Environments
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Backup time reduced from 10 hours to 1 hour (nightly) 
    • Alerts automatically sent to staff smart phones in the event of an issue 
    • Takes one-third of the amount of time to recover data (from 3 hours for a 300GB server to 40 minutes)
    • So easy to use, non-technical staff can be walked through a file level restore over the phone 
  • Customer: Waterbury Hospital
    Challenge: Virtual Data Protection that Integrates with Offsite Tape System
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • 2013 Winner of HealthCare's Most Wired Award 
    • Integration with tape based backup system for offsite backup 
    • Data protection for highly critical patient records system 
    • VBA architecture enables very cost effective solution
  • Customer: Kirkwood School District
    Challenge: Replace Out Dated Backup System with Cost Effective, Scalable Disk to Disk Solution
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Backup completion times reduced from 17 hours to less than 4 hours 
    • Average deduplication ratio of 15:1
    • Weekly time spent managing backups drastically reduced (from 5-8 hours to 30 minutes - per week)
    • Recovery time for 40GB web server reduced from 24 hours to 1 hour 
  • Customer: Sea Tow
    Challenge: Update Aging Infrastructure to Provide Immediate Response Service to On-Water Clients
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Ease os Use 
    • Unbeatable Cost 
    • High Performance 
    • Instant Recovery Capabilities Enabling Recovery in Minutes 
    • Integration with Public and Private Cloud Providers 
  • Customer: Dupaco Community Credit Union
    Challenge: Failed Backups, Speed Inefficiencies, and Too Much Time Spent Troubleshooting Backup Failures
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Easy to use
    • Immediate results
    • vCenter plugin to allow full VM backups in one consolidated view
    • File level recovery directly from backup storage for any operating system
    • Change block tracking
    • Good online knowledge base
    • Economical and straightforward pricing
  • Customer: CPAP.com
    Challenge: Replace Legacy/Script Based Backup & Disaster Recovery Tool With One Optimized for Virtual & Cloud Environments
    Solution: Virtual Backup for VMware
    • Backing up 44 VMs containing 47 disks in 30 minutes with a 74:1 deduplication ratio
    • Recovered systems supporting an entire business unit in 45 minutes 
    • Mission critical systems with a short RTO tested every 15-30 minutes; systems with longer RTOs tested hourly or daily
    • Local and offsite backup, with cloud integration, and certified recovery assurance

Why Customers Love PHD Virtual Backup for VMware

From those just beginning to explore the advantages of virtualization with VMware, to the experts looking to leverage every nuance of virtualization potential for their IT environments, PHD Virtual Backup for VMware beats any competitor as the number one choice for ease, effectiveness and in some cases, sheer enjoyment. Find out why PHD is the best VMware backup software solution with these customer success stories.

  • “PHD Virtual Backup is a great tool for data protection in a virtual world. It’s very easy to implement and use on a daily basis, and it’s priced very competitively. A great option for local and offsite backup for virtual environments.” 

    - Harold Chrisenberry, MIS Manager
  • “I am very impressed with the latest version of PHD Virtual Backup. I owned the product a few years ago when it was a lot younger, and It has definitely matured since then. Daily backups are easy to setup and manage. Restores are fast, really fast. But the best part is even though they’ve made major strides over the past few years, they’ve kept their price point at a level that’s still easy to swallow.” 

    - Sylvain Audet, Garaga, Inc
  • “The biggest issue I had with Zmanda backup was the inability to do quick and clean file and VM restores. And that’s kind of the point of backup software, right? So I found PHD Virtual Backup and they provided and easy to use virtual backup solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. They have multiple different restore options including full VM, file level, instant (where you instantly recover a VM by running it from your backup storage) and rollback (which allows me to just restore changes over the top of an existing VM, without having to restore the whole thing). I love the flexibility I have with PHD Virtual Backup.”

    - Don Magee, Southwestern Michigan College
  • “I looked at all the virtual backup options as part of a project for internal data protection, and I needed something to offer to my clients. I narrowed it down to PHD Virtual and Veeam. PHD just had a much simpler deployment approach; deploying as a virtual appliance instead of having to setup another Windows box to run the software. Their replication is also highly efficient. They replicate directly from backups so you do not have to snapshot the VM again for replication. Lastly, customer support is excellent. I am always able to talk to someone knowledgeable about any questions I have.”

    - Clinton Bell, Quadrivium
  • “I was running Veeam but backups would randomly fail and that is obviously not a good thing. Then I found PHD Virtual which was much easier to use, cheaper and gave me reliable backups.”

    - Trevor Pearce, Detroit Windsor Tunnel (DCTC)
  • "The software was easy to use and the results were immediate. In the rare event that help was needed, PHD's support staff responded promptly."

    - Joe Ervolino, Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • “We found PHD Virtual Backup to be a great solution for our virtual backup issues. Things were slow & inefficient due to the use of a legacy product, but PHD’s virtual backup appliance was quite easy to use and effective at backing up our VM environment. What really sealed the deal was the great price. You get a lot for a little with PHD."

    - Sam Reuangrith, Wallace & Carey, Inc
  • "I've been using PHD Virtual products for years.  I currently use PHD Virtual Backup for VMware to protect my own infrastructure.  In addition, I recommend PHD Virtual products to my consulting clients.  The ability to leverage VMware changed block tracking has allowed me to dramatically shorten my backup window.  The dedupe datastore storage of virtual full backups allows me to retain many more backups than I was able to previously.  The ability to do lightning fast file level restores from those deduped backups is simply fantastic.  When there is an issue, PHD Virtual support is great to work with.  However, the real "piece de resistance" for me, is the ability to replicate all of my VMs offsite each night and occasionally boot them up at the DR site for testing with no impact on my production systems.  In summary, PHD Virtual Backup for VMware helps me sleep better at night knowing my data is properly protected."

    - W. David Winslow, Winslow Systems Limited
  • “I really like that you don’t have to rely on an external server for backups with PHD Virtual. Their virtual appliance approach is really slick. Simple to setup, simple to use, and they have great dedupe. One less Windows machine to throw up & maintain is fine by me.”

    - Landon Patterson, Adams County Government
  • "I have a lot of experience dealing with vendors. Two of the major players in VMware backup are Veeam and PHD Virtual. We chose to partner with and implement PHD, primarily due to price and agility. There’s no question PHD costs less than Veeam, while providing basically the same functionality. But they are also much more responsive to customer needs and feature requests. It’s nice to know that some companies out there still do listen to their customers, and respond accordingly, instead of just being out for the almighty buck.”

    - Andy Lubel, Exostar
  • “We’ve been dealing with ever shrinking backup windows for a while now. It got to the point where we almost weren’t hitting them with Backup Exec. That’s when I knew I needed to make a change. I found PHD Virtual which seamlessly deployed in our virtual infrastructure, providing fast, reliable backups, at a price that didn’t break the bank!”

    - Keith Beatty, Kansas City Life Insurance Company
  • "I didn’t want to use Symantec’s Backup Exec because it’s cumbersome, convoluted, expensive and honestly, it doesn’t always work.  So I went on the hunt for another solution and looked at products like PHD Virtual, Veeam and vRanger. I was immediately impressed with PHD’s deployment method as a lightweight Linux virtual appliance. Not having to install the backup software on a Windows server (like you do with Veeam and vRanger) makes things much easier, more stable and eliminates the money I’d have to spend for another copy of Windows.  PHD offered great pre and post-sale tech support, which was tough to get with Symantec. To a small business that’s critical. I’ve done  successful recoveries, and I’m seeing amazing compression on backup data.  At the end of the day, I don’t need my backup solution to make me coffee. Just be reliable and be easy to use. PHD Virtual backup does that; it just works, it just runs, and you can’t say that about every product."

    - Charles Congema, WH Brownyard Corp
  • “I am impressed, to say the least, with PHD Virtual Backup. I tried using VDR for a while but backups kept failing. That caused me a lot of grief and some long weekends. Then we tried using other solutions however we found many of them to be convoluted, overly time consuming to setup and maintain, and required our technicians to have a PhD to do a simple restore. I just wanted something easy to use, that gave me reliable backups, and didn’t cost an arm & a leg. Only PHD Virtual was able to fit that bill. I thought I was falling in love when I saw the dedupe feature of the software take 1TB and stuff it into 84GB! Long story short it’s a great product that you should look at if you need an easy to use, cost effective and reliable virtual backup software."

    - Jonathan Keller, Skyline Hotels & Resorts
  • "I’m amazed at how PHD has added so many features to the product over the last two years, but kept the price so low. It’s hard to justify buying one of the more expensive alternatives, when PHD Virtual gives you all the same features, if not more!”

    - Ben Alexander, PMG.net, Makers of Enterprise Catalog Software
  • "My secret is out!  I have been a user for more than 6 years; back then PHD Virtual was one of the only backup solutions for virtual machines.  They have persevered where others have failed.  It is great to see that they are still offering the best features in virtual machine backups at a cost that is accessible to everyone -- you don't have to be a Fortune 500 company to get a great backup solution."

    - Ryan G. Makamson, College of Engineering & Architecture, Washington State University
  • “My clients look for value in any purchase they consider. When I approach them with a PHD Virtual bundle that enables them to get both backup and recovery plus performance monitoring for their virtual infrastructure, they see it as getting two products for the price of one. Add to that the products are easy to use, integrated at the hypervisor level and high performing, and you really have a winning combination.”

    - Victor McElwain, Realogic
  • "vRanger was not able to keep up to our needs in our growing environment. After an exhaustive review of virtualization backup vendors I selected PHD Virtual. Their deduplication is remarkable and saves me a ton on storage, and the latest recovery features are so easy to use that I can delegate some of those tasks to others and focus on all the other important things going on in my environment. PHD Virtual saves me time and money and they are staying ahead of the pack.

    - Calvin Engen, F12 Networks 
  • "The latest PHD Virtual Backup release is top notch. I can recover a VM in about 3 minutes by running it from my backup storage. Combined with their new PHD Motion feature, I can move the recovered VM to my production storage 3 times faster than using VMware's Storage vMotion. They keep adding great features and somehow keep their product so easy to use."

    - Christian Schiff, Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry 
  • "PHD Virtual Backup significantly increases performance with Data Domain and provides enhanced Virtual Machine backup options that work effectively across our enterprise Virtual infrastructure. The multiple backup modes, OVF Exporter, and VM replication options fit our backup strategy perfectly."

    - Darren Hirons, NHS 
  • "I chose PHD Virtual over Veeam because they have a more efficient way of performing replication, which leads to greater compression ratios. That’s important to me, because many of my clients are remote, and only have access to T1 lines. In testing PHD Virtual vs. Veeam, I simulated several scenarios where WAN bandwidth was congested, or even not available, and PHD Virtual outperformed Veeam substantially. In one case I was trying to transfer 600GB of data over the WAN. Veeam was only able to compress that to 580GB, whereas PHD Virtual compressed that to 325GB. That, plus that fact that PHD Virtual was simply easier to use and install, made the choice clear."

    - Tom Powers, Sound Solutions
  • "I completed a thorough evaluation of both PHD Virtual and Veeam software. PHD just had a much simpler approach with their VBA (Virtual Backup Appliance). It is easy to use, has a small footprint and does not require a Windows proxy server or SQL database." 

    - Mike Wonder, TSC
  • "I have so many tasks on my plate that I can’t afford to spend much time managing backups.  PHD Virtual makes the whole process a piece of cake.  Plus, I’m really impressed with the performance and deduplication.  How they put so much power into such an easy to use product, I don’t know, but they did!"

    - Marek Friedl, Hardt Equipment
  • "Being a PHD Virtual customer from the beginning, they never cease to amaze me with new technology.  One virtual appliance that can backup, restore and even replicate with a few mouse clicks. Can't wait to see what they do next." 

    - Craig Zarella, Teknor Apex 
  • "When we deployed PHD Virtual for our VMware ESX environment, we were able to cut our backup times in half and our storage requirements shrank, giving us an immediate ROI.  From early testing, we have seen that the PHD Virtual Backup is much easier to deploy and manage and we like the simplified approach." 

    - Matt Wood, ADP Canada
  • "PHD Virtual Backup is a heck of a product. Really easy to get setup - it just makes sense. Feels like something I could pass onto my boss and he’d understand it! Very nice, very clean." 

    - Jon Birkbeck, International Baccaluareate