New In 6.5

PHD Virtual
VMware vSphere Backup & Replication

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  • Ultra-fast performance with effortless scalability

  • Easy, flexible and affordable offsite backup and archiving, even to the cloud

  • Built in ease of use with no training or extra hardware/software required

  • Advanced application recovery for Exchange and Sharepoint

New In 6.5

Advanced local and offsite backup archiving for VMware

PHD Virtual Backup 6.5 features expanded local and offsite archiving capabilities. Using PHD’s award-winning virtual backup appliance (VBA), only PHD Virtual delivers the absolute best value in affordable, easy, flexible and secure local or offsite backup and replication for small and mid-sized businesses.

  • Easily copy backup data offsite to the cloud, offsite or removable disk devices
  • Archive from multiple source locations to a single remote site
  • Choose specific VM backups for archiving or keep all in synch with remote site
  • Fast, automated reliable recovery from archived backups in cloud, offsite or removable disk

Seamless Exchange and Sharepoint Search and Recovery

PHD Virtual Backup helps you dramatically cut the time and expense normally associated with Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint item search and restoration.

  • Super-fast search and recovery of specific items with no impact on your apps
  • Seamless, simple restoration, retrieval, collection, migration and consolidation
  • Recover across different versions of the application to ensure upgrade compatibility
  • Rapid response to internal requests while meeting SLAs
  • Efficient collection of key information for investigations and compliance requests
  • Powered by proven Kroll Ontrack PowerControls

Interval backup and replication scheduling

PHD Virtual Backup 6.5 now provides granular interval scheduling as frequently as every 15 minutes in VMware environments, delivering a cost-effective, storage agnostic solution that provides complete DR Assurance as part of our PHD Recovery Management Suite.

Additional S3 storage compatibility

PHD CloudHook has expanded object storage beyond Open Stack/Swift to include S3 compatible platforms---enabling Cloud Service Providers to allow their customers to backup and archive data to their cloud storage.