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The only solution that delivers Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware.

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  • Guarantees recovery with 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing

  • Automatically certifies that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved

  • Fully automates DR testing as often as you want

  • Ensures immediate detection and alerting of deviations

  • Guarantees failover of virtualized applications and business services


The game-changing innovation that lets you verify disaster recovery

ReliableDR disaster recovery software automates the replication and failover of your critical systems so that all Disaster Recovery processes--including failover and failback—can be automated and tested daily at far less cost than complex, manual alternatives. As a result, ReliableDR enables unmatched levels of resiliency for virtual IT infrastructures, and allows you to fully align your IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

PHD Virtual’s ReliableDR gives you Disaster Recovery Assurance by providing continuous proof that your systems are fully recoverable, enabling you to:

  • Provide 100% automated DR failover, failback and testing for continuous proof your IT services are fully recoverable
  • Assure automatic certification that RPOs and RTOs will be achieved
  • Fully automate DR testing as often as you want to dramatically reduce the time, expense and resources to assure business continuity
  • Deliver complete reporting to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Get immediate detection and alerting of deviations in recovery time and recovery point actuals via dashboards, exported reports, email reports, and SNMP alerts
  • Guarantee rapid and reliable failover of virtualized applications and business services

Key Game Changers with ReliableDR

Only PHD Virtual ReliableDR gives you the capability to overcome the major obstacles to developing the recovery assurance you are seeking for your virtual environments as shown in the table here:

What Are the Obstacles

  • Infrequent recovery testing adds risk
  • Struggle to prove that RTO / RPO SLAs
  • Requires too many IT personnel
  • Difficult to demonstrate compliance
  • Multiple products, little integration
  • Reactive in nature - "fire fighting"
  • Unreasonably expensive

PHD Game Changers

  • Automated recovery testing
  • Certifies RTO / RPO SLAs
  • Fully automates manual tasks
  • Compliance reporting
  • Unified product solution
  • Proactively eliminate fire fighting
  • Dramatically lower costs

PHD Virtual declares war on the complexity and costs of Disaster Recovery

A level of Disaster Recovery Assurance not practical until now

Most companies today are forced to rely on manual, complex and cumbersome tools and processes to help recover applications, business services and even entire sites. ReliableDR changes all that by automating DR failover, failback and testing to verify that your recovery objectives can be met. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time and expense trying to verify your DR plan effectiveness.

Disaster Recovery guarantees you could only wish for in your dreams

Because the recovery of applications and business services is so complex, and testing DR plans is so expensive and time-consuming, most organizations face increasing risks in the event of an outage or disaster with few solutions. ReliableDR automates and simplifies the DR failover and failback process, enabling you to continuously measure, test and certify that RPO and RTO objectives can be met. That gives you a level of Disaster Recovery assurance unheard of until now—until ReliableDR.

A Disaster Recovery Assurance solution you can’t afford to ignore

According to leading research analyst the cost of delayed recovery from an outage can run into thousands of dollars per minute, as well as damage to business reputation. Plus, a single disaster recovery testing exercise can easily cost $40,000 or more. Because ReliableDR automates the failover, failback and testing process, the cost of certifying your recovery and demonstrating compliance with policies is dramatically reduced, in many cases well over 90 percent! With a solution like ReliableDR, you gain certified disaster recovery assurance like never before.

As the leader in Disaster Recovery Assurance, only ReliableDR for VMware delivers these unique benefits:

  • Ensures your systems are fully recoverable with certified RPOs and RTOs
  • Delivers tens of thousands of dollars in cost savings, as well as savings on time and resources compared to manual and complex DR failover and DR testing processes
  • Proactively detects imminent production failures by automating testing of production data at your DR site
  • Increases the value of your DR site by transforming it into an isolated sandbox for development/testing operations that will not impact your production environment
  • Demonstrates measurable proof that your DR plan is meeting its stated objectives
Save Thousands!
“ReliableDR is unique. It has eliminated the need for manual DR testing and guarantees that our RPO and RTO for email & other business critical IT Services can always be met…whatever the scenario.”
Diego Gonzalez, 
Santalucia Insurance
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