Introducing: Cloud Hook Your best value for Cloud Backup

PHD Virtual CloudHook

The easiest, most affordable solution for backup and archiving to the cloud

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  • Provides an easy to use, scalable, low-cost offsite storage option

  • Easily copy and archive backup data offsite to the cloud

  • Assure fast, automated reliable recovery from archived backups in the cloud

  • Archive from multiple source locations

  • Choose specific VM backups for archiving or keep all in synch


The breakthrough solution for flexible cloud backup, archiving and recovery

PHD Virtual has transformed the virtualization universe for small and mid- size businesses with PHD Virtual CloudHook™, our exclusive module for backing up and archiving your data to the cloud. Available in PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 and above.

Designed from the ground up for no-hassle cloud backup, archiving and recovery, PHD Virtual CloudHook lets you retain on-site control and recovery of backups with the added assurance of an offsite backups and archiving to the cloud.

Your #1 choice for virtual backup to the cloud

Unparalleled ease of use

PHD Virtual CloudHook eliminates the complexity associated with using a gateway appliance to reach the cloud, and helps you avoid the headache of managing your own offsite facilities. Simply choose the cloud storage provider that works best for you, and start backing up to the cloud in minutes.

Unmatched affordability

With PHD Virtual CloudHook all you need is the cost effective PHD Virtual Backup Appliance and a cloud storage account. There’s no need to pay for to pay for offsite storage, maintenance, facilities or cloud gateway appliances. And, with most cloud storage starting at 10 cents per GB per month, PHD Virtual CloudHook is your best value for affordable cloud backup and recovery.

Ultimate flexibility

PHD Virtual CloudHook lets you choose the cloud backup and archiving storage option that’s best for you. Select from popular public cloud storage options like Google, Amazon, Rackspace or any OpenStack/Swift or S3 compatible provider.

Need to backup your physcial environment?

"We needed a virtual backup solution, and also the ability to integrate with Amazon cloud storage. We knew Veeam had a Cloud Edition and PHD Virtual has CloudHook. We went with PHD CloudHook as it was a much more affordable option for us, and much easier to setup and use. Also PHD provides much more robust recovery from the cloud because with Rollback Recovery, you only have to restore the changes over the wire!"   

Peter Canale, Ben Tire