Partner Programs

Become a PHD Virtual Partner

Start generating incremental sales and profits with our Xpress Partner Program™

The PHD Virtual Xpress Partner Program enables you to sell our products more effectively and drive incremental revenue, margin and satisfaction among our joint customers. The program is designed to be flexible so that we can meet your individual needs regardless of your partner level of commitment: Distributor, Premier, Authorized, or Service Provider.

As a member of the Xpress Partner Program, you gain access to leading products that offer the absolute best value in data protection and guaranteed recovery solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Through our proven partner program, PHD Virtual enables you to drive profitable revenue streams from our solutions while building a strong foundation for customer trust, loyalty and satisfaction.

Why become a Partner?

  1. Shorter sales cycles

  2. Faster revenue realization

  3. Higher margins and profits

Grow your sales and profits through our Xpress Partner Program

Our partner program is built on 10 key advantages that set the PHD Virtual Xpress Partner Program apart from all others.

  1. Better products: 
    PHD Virtual provides the absolute best value in innovative data protection and guaranteed recovery solutions. More than 6,000 customers worldwide rely on our products because they are effective, easier to use and far more affordable than competitive alternatives.

  2. Single Source Solution
    Sell the backup solution that combines the best of all worlds for backup and recovery for physical, virtual (VMware, Citrix and Hyper-V) and cloud environments. Unique architecture supports agent-based and agentless protection as well as file and image level protection. 

  3. Never lose a deal on price: 
    PHD provides the same or better functionality at a fraction of the cost

  4. Easier to sell: 
    PHD products have shorter sales cycles, install and configure in minutes, are easy to use - value is evident out of the box

  5. Faster revenue and more margin:
    Grow your top and bottom-lines with deal registration, lead distribution and strong incentives

  6. Effective sales and marketing tools: 
    Take control of your own business growth by using PHD’s comprehensive email, event and seminar campaigns, product and competitive materials

  7. Complete training and certification:
    Our Sales playbook and certification programs are your one-stop-shop to help you quickly become an expert

  8. Great rewards for partners:
    From multiple levels of partnership with increased incentives to inclusion on to marketing support, we make partnering a lucrative; long-term relationship

  9. Responsive sales, marketing and technical support:
    Highly experienced and professional sales, marketing and support personnel are dedicated and financially rewarded based on your success

  10. Personal touch:
    At PHD, we know successful partnerships are built on personal relationships which is why we take the time to know you and your business to ensure we both achieve results

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